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Hear What Real Patients Have To Say About Reversing Their Diabetes

**The results achieved are due to a customized plan based on the health of each participant
and will depend entirely on program compliance and completion.**

“I have not been on any diabetes medication for about 6 months…I have not been on blood pressure medication for 3 months”

“I got good news from my doctor’s nurse today. I had blood work done on Tuesday and got the results today. My A1C was 6.4 down from about 8.4 just 4 months ago.  I have not been on any diabetes medication for about 6 months. My cholesterol was in the 170s down from about 220 4 months ago.  My good cholesterol was 59. My triglycerides were down to 79, I can’t remember the last time they were below the 200s.When I was young they were in the 1,200 range when my doctor put me on medication. I have not been on blood pressure medication for 3 months and my blood pressure is in the low to mid 130s over mid 60s most of the time. The average on the machine is 136/67. My doctor’s nurse was excited to give me the good news and I was amazed when she told me.” ~ David Scott from Bedford TX

“After almost 11 years I am not taking any diabetes meds!”

“I have eliminated Glipizide fully. Then this week, the Metformin started giving me a really bad headache. On 04/06 I reached out to my doctor several times and was unsuccessful – so, I took myself off of the Metformin and continued to reach our to him to let him know (I will call again tomorrow.) The great news is, my Glucose reading the following morning (04/07) went down to 93. Today’s reading (04/08) was 98. I only have one prescribed medication left after this week! I started craving CARROTS! (That’s a first!) I feel like I’m eating all the time, yet things are continually improving and the thought of a nice juicy steak gives me a weird feeling. It is almost unbelievable how my body is responding! As of this moment, after almost 11 years I am not taking any diabetes meds! I can’t wait for my follow up appointment with my Dr. next Saturday.” ~ Sherwood W.

“Off my diabetic meds”

“A1C down to 6.1. Now off my diabetic meds and feel my body has really adjusted to my new eating habits very nicely. My strength has returned and I also lost 21 pounds, Now my clothes don’t fit very well, a nice problem to have.” ~ James R. from Rochester, NY

“I haven’t felt this good in over 5 years!”

“My Diabetes “side effects” are starting to go away after only 12 days. Day 12: I am down 8lbs and I know more inches… clothes starting to feel big. I am feeling good. My diabetes “side effects” of blurry vision, tiredness, headaches, mood swings, are starting to go away.. after only 12 days. This is such a blessing! It is a commitment… and I haven’t felt this good in over 5 years! Thank you” ~ Jennifer B. from Edensburg, PA

“Off ALL my medications”

“My sugar reading this morning was 103. I went to my heart specialist for an appointment this morning. Not only did the doctor take me off of Metformin, he also took me off three times a day Clonidine. They also took me off Sporano once a day. Anyway, he took me off all my medications and the only thing I have left to take everyday now is one half of a acupril and a 81% aspirin. Fantastic! Man this is something else! ~ Jerry K.

Profesor Grit Birnbaum, absolvent izraelské univerzity, který se jmenuje od Bar-Ilan, učinil prohlášení, které nás inspirovalo k tomu, abychom tadalafil cena na porno podívali ještě častěji než dříve (i když by se to zdálo mnohem častěji?). Stalo se to během rozhovorů profesora časového vydání. Rozhovor byl věnován psychologickým mechanismům pro komunikaci muže a ženy na začátku vztahů.

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