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Dr. Kristine Burke

Kristine Burke, M.D., is triple board certified in family medicine, integrative medicine, and sports medicine.
She is a specialist in chronic disease reversal and is certified in functional medicine.

Dr. Burke believes that the best medical care requires time, a trusting relationship, and a collaborative approach to achieve the most successful personal outcomes: good health, longevity, and superior quality of life. She truly enjoys caring for her patients and strives to guide them to wellness and prevention, as well as carefully managing their illnesses and medical conditions.


  • Doctor of Medicine, University of California, Davis
  • Bachelor of Science in General Chemistry, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Family Medicine Residency: University of California, Davis
  • Sports Medicine Fellowship: University of California, Berkeley / University of California, Davis
  • Northern California Faculty Development Fellowship: University of California, San Francisco
Marshall Faulk
National Spokesperson

Marshall Faulk is a Super Bowl Champion and 3-time NFL offensive Player of the Year. During his 12-year career as a running back for the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams, he became the only player to exceed 12,000 yards rushing and 6000 yards receiving. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.

After his pro career, Marshall became a long-time NFL Network analyst, appearing on NFL Total Access, Thursday Night Football, and NFL GameDay Morning.

In 1994, he began The Marshall Faulk Foundation, a non-profit association dedicated to building brighter futures for today’s underprivileged youth.

Marshall’s mother died as a result of diabetes complications in 2018. He’s now a passionate believer in the life-changing power of diabetes reversal, as opposed to the traditional medical approach of diabetes management. “If my mother would have reversed her diabetes, she would still be alive today”.

He’s now the National Spokesperson for the Diabetes Reversal Group®, a company that specializes in diabetes reversal.

Steve Olds
Senior Advisor

Steve Olds began in software development with punch cards and COBOL in the 1970s before he even started driving. Being one of the few in those years that knew about computers he was able to create a successful but small business in the early 80s that developed systems for companies as varied as Diners Club to Las Vegas Casinos. Over the years he has led from some mid-level management positions some of the most profitable areas of several multi-billion dollar companies.

Steve was a founder of Medliance; the largest pharmacy adjudication company in the Skilled Nursing space with services delivered to over 1,400 facilities. After selling Medliance to a larger services company on the east coast Steve and his business partners built Vroozi, a B2B mobile purchasing platform for many companies like Northrup Grumman and NBC Universal. Recently semi-retired you can often find Steve on a 50′ Jeanneau Sailboat off the coast of Southern California.

Traci Hockings, B.S.
Chief Financial Officer

Traci Hockings has been an educator and health enthusiast for over 30 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California, has co-owned and run five natural healthcare centers, as well as other businesses with her husband of 29 years.

Dr. Hockings is blessed to have her with him at every step of their amazing journey together and he is grateful for her incredible work ethic and compassion in everything she does.

Over the years, her passion for natural health education increased exponentially as she saw what helped clients most, which was teaching them the basic tenets of how their bodies worked and what they needed to do in order to get healthy and maintain health. She enjoys golfing, skiing, hiking, reading, theater, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

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