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What is Diabetes “Management?”

Diabetes “Management” is the term used by the medical establishment to refer to the practice of keeping a type 2 diabetic’s blood sugar numbers artificially low through the use of medications. The truth is Type 2 diabetes cannot be managed. This is why we put Diabetes “Management” in quotes – because there really is no such thing as diabetes “management”.

To be clear – we’re NOT saying diabetes medications do not lower blood sugar levels – they most certainly do. And we’re not saying that Type 2 diabetics should stop taking their medications. A diabetic should only stop taking their medications under the strict guidance of a physician.

However, what we are saying is that diabetes medications do not STOP the damage that diabetes does to the body. Diabetes is a progressive, degenerative disease. If you are taking diabetes mediations to “manage” your disease, you WILL slowly get worse over time. It’s inevitable.

It’s for this reason that diabetes is STILL the leading cause of amputation, neuropathy, blindness, kidney disease, heart disease & stroke. The vast majority of the millions of Type 2 diabetics who suffer these horrible complications are all taking their diabetes medications faithfully. Yet they still lose limbs, their eyesight, their kidneys  and eventually their lives to this disease.


Because diabetics are given a false sense of security that medications are “managing” their diabetes, when in reality, the disease is slowly getting worse. That’s why it’s so common for diabetics to be prescribed increased dosages over time. And why so many end up on insulin…and then more and more insulin – to where many end up taking over 100 units per day!

This is NOT “management.” The medication is slowing the destruction – but not stopping it. The only way to stop the damage is to reverse diabetes, not manage it.

Why Does the Medical Establishment Insist on “Managing” Diabetes Rather Than Reversing It?

Diabetes “management” has created a multi-TRILLION dollar industry. Yet despite all the money changing hands, diabetes outcomes have NOT improved. Diabetes is still the leading cause of amputation, neuropathy, blindness, kidney disease, heart disease & stroke.

And this is because the “management” industry exists largely to serve itself, not its patients. Fortunes are made selling diabetics a never-ending supply of drugs, supplies, educational materials and doctor’s visits.   

Diabetes reversal, on the other hand, is not profitable for the medical industry. Diabetes reversal requires patients to change their diet, exercise, take specific nutritional supplements, and receive coaching & consulting from an experienced diabetes reversal consultant. The costs associated with diabetes reversal are a tiny fraction of the costs associated with diabetes management. And yet, diabetes reversal is by far the more effective treatment – assuming the goal of the treatment is to actually heal the patient. Is that really the goal of diabetes “management?” You decide . . .

Diabetes Reversal vs Diabetes “Management”
Diabetes reversal leads to superior health, and a longer, higher quality life for all type 2 diabetics.
Diabetes “management” leads to a life of increased medications, poor health, low quality of life, horrible complications, and a shorter life span.
With diabetes reversal, complications such as amputation, blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke are preventable.
With diabetes “management”, complications are inevitable.

It is for these reasons that the International Diabetes Association stands firmly in our belief that all type 2 diabetics should have the resources necessary to reverse their disease, not simply “manage” it. This can be made possible only with your generous donations.

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