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What is Diabetes Reversal?

Diabetes reversal is a clinical term for when a type 2 diabetic patient is able to keep their A1C level below 6.0 without the use of medications. When a patient reaches this point, their diabetes is considered reversed.

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How is Type 2 Diabetes Reversed?

Diabetes reversal can be achieved through a multi-step process of diet modification, nutritional supplementation, exercise and coaching/support.

1)    Food & Drink the foods you eat and drink to reverse diabetes are VERY different than the foods you eat on the traditional so-called diabetes “management” plan. For your diabetes to be reversed, you must be able to keep your A1C below 6.0 without medications. The only way you can do that is eating foods that don’t raise your blood sugar significantly.

Many of the foods that the ADA says are “OK in moderation” are NOT OK if you want to reverse your diabetes. Why? Because those foods require you to take medication to counteract the increase in blood sugar! A good example are breads, tortillas, rolls, pasta, crackers, corn and chips. If you ate these foods and you weren’t taking medication, your blood sugar would shoot sky high!

However, there are hundreds of delicious foods that you can eat that will actually help you reverse your diabetes and you’re free to eat as much of those foods as you want. Remember – reversing diabetes isn’t about “weight loss” or starving yourself. You will NOT be hungry when you reverse your diabetes.

3)    Exercise there are certain diabetic-friendly exercises that will help your body use insulin better, improve circulation, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and improve cholesterol levels.


2)    Supplements there are certain nutritional supplements that will help you reverse diabetes. First, you need a cleanse to help prepare your body to receive the nutritional value of these special supplements, as well as a supplement that will clean your liver & kidneys of toxins. Then, you need a supplement that will help you metabolize fat & sugar, as well as curb your cravings. Next, a supplement that will restore metabolic, nutritional & functional balance to your body by replenishing the damage done by the high blood sugar.


4)    Coaching & Support Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, meaning that most people have it because of poor lifestyle choices. Reversing diabetes requires a change in lifestyle, so it can be challenging. That’s why it’s SO important to have a Diabetes Reversal COACH who will hold you accountable and see you all the way through the process until you reverse your diabetes.

What Are The Benefits of Diabetes Reversal?

When you reverse your diabetes, you won’t need medications to control your blood sugar and A1C levels anymore. So your doctor will take you off your diabetes medications.

Even better, your risk for major diabetes complications like blindness, amputation, neuropathy, kidney disease, heart disease & stroke are eliminated or greatly reduced. It’s very common for doctors to take you off blood pressure, cholesterol, neuropathy, acid reflux, and gout medications as well.

Plus you’ll also FEEL so much better. Patients who reverse their diabetes often report how they have more energy than they’ve had in years, they’re now able to play with their grandkids, have a renewed vigor for pursuing their hobbies, have a newfound desire to catch up with old friends and make new ones…life is just BETTER because you’re not SICK anymore.

There’s also a myriad of financial benefits: tremendous cost savings in medical expenses, better productivity at work, less work missed due to illness, and more.

Are There Any Downsides to Diabetes Reversal?

There really are no downsides to diabetes reversal. Since there is no cure to diabetes, diabetes reversal really is the next best thing. Successful reversal patients are healthier, happier, more productive, live longer lives, and they avoid the major diabetes complications like blindness, amputation, neuropathy, kidney disease, heart disease & stroke.

However, diabetes reversal does require patients to stick to eating foods that will not significantly raise their blood sugar. Otherwise, their A1C will go back over 6.0 and they will be considered clinically diabetic again.

Some diabetes patients may find the transition from taking medications to “manage” their diabetes to reversing their diabetes to be challenging, especially in the beginning. This is why the coaching & support process is so important. When a patient makes it through the first couple weeks of diabetes reversal, they start feeling better, they start seeing measurable progress, and their confidence grows – in both themselves and the diabetes reversal process.

It takes a lifetime to develop type 2 diabetes. Breaking those old habits is challenging, but the payoff is better than anything you can imagine.

How does the IDA help type 2 patients reverse their diabetes?

Through your generous donations, we are able to enroll patients in proven, successful diabetes reversal programs, regardless of their ability to pay.

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